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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  May 8, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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spending further and further. look at greece and ireland and looking at government spending. still, recessionary situation if you keep cutting spending you make the economy worse which reduces your revenue for there's a your spending might be falling the revenue is falling together. please do not repeat that mistake in this country. although the republicans are pushing hard for the solution but if you have these experiments going on in europe. thank you very much. [applause]
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. . pervades u.s. news outlets and talk radio and television host armstrong williams. ♪ >> host: i'm armstrong williams. when i was asked to conduct this interview with andrew breitbart, the one we heard so much about
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particularly over the last couple of years, whether it's grant jones, whether it's acorn, and the incredible role that he played into the revelation of the individuals and organizations. we all have our mixed emotions. and so when i finally received a book "righteous indignation: excuse me, while i saved the world," i really didn't know what to expect, as someone who reads two books a week, it really impacted me. it brought to realization in my own life that i've written about that i've experienced and others have experienced, this is really a book that i strongly recommend and i'm meeting andrew breitbart for the first time. i don't know him. this is our first encounter but i will tell you this is an incredible piece of work that i strongly recommend that you read and you will understand why over the next hour. andrew, welcome to the show. >> guest: pleasure.
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>> host: you grew up liberal and your mentors were liberal. talk about that moment in your life. >> guest: well, you know, there's david horowitz who's the apostate who went from the left to the right and he did so in an incredibly deep fashion and he was an intellect, and i was the shallowist form of the liberal that you could possibly be. i grew up on the west side of los angeles and my high school constituted going to three to four movies, week, going out to my friends going to a prep school and going to tulane university in no time in that experience were the executives of hollywood, executive of hollywood students lived and actors and such and people in the industry -- at no point in that period of time did i hear conservative thought. at no point did i have any opportunity to become any other liberal.
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so i considered myself a default liberal. >> host: let me interrupt you. in your book you talk about one of those life-changing moments. you're watching the justice thomas/anita hill hearing. what happened to andrew breitbart? >> guest: i just graduated from high school, it was like my bar mitzvah and i left feeling very empty because i just learned how to chant. i felt -- i was open for a spiritual experience. i didn't get it. i felt the exact same way in college, where i was an american studies major and the stuff that i was reading was incomprehensible. and it was jargon. it was noam chomsky-like in its lack of comprehension to a person who doesn't understand that language. and it was demoralizing. and i graduated less skilled, less motivated and i was a
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waiter. >> host: you robbed yourself. >> guest: i did. my education was a lack of an education. and so i was waiting tables right after graduating college and i would finish my lunch -- >> host: and your friends were saying why are you doing this. >> guest: it was embarrassing and humiliating and to work and grind it and the people that i was always looking up to and trying to impress were looking down on me, and i started to pay for my own -- >> host: but your parents cut you off. >> guest: my parents cut me off. and that was brutal. that's why i dedicated my book to my father who cut me off and clarence thomas at the same time. both of their guidance in my life coincided -- >> host: that's good segue back to the hearing. >> guest: yeah. well, i went from my wait job and i started watching the hearings, wanting to root for the takedown of clarence thomas.
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i watched the television set and the television set told me that this was a bad man and the newspapers told me that he was a bad man. and i remember eleanor chenille and patricia schroeder walking up the stairs saying we're going to take a stand against this guy for serial sexual harassment so i watched these hearings like a spectator who wanted to see somebody mauled, you know, like a lion's mauling roman and i watched day one, i watched day two and i watched the entire thing. i went from wanting him to be taken down to wondering where is the beef? you know, what's going on here? i don't understand what i'm watching hemisphere. i don't understand the color commentary that's on the screen, where they're saying this is outrageous and i didn't understand the bumper stickers that were going by me on the streets saying, i believe anita. i said i believe anita what? what's going on here.
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i don't understand what's going here. everything i knew and everything i picked up in college, in my american studies, cultural marxist, oppress or pressed, black people are always right, white people are always wrong -- i didn't understand how ted kennedy, the ted kennedy of chappaquiddick fame how howard and joe and series of white privileged men could sit in judgment of this man who was the son of grandparents who were sharecroppers who raised him and he went to yale law school. he did everything right including allowing for anita hill to rise through the ranks of the legal profession, through jobs with him, where she never had a sexual relationship with him at all -- he did nothing untoward, and she was party to this takedown, and i did not understand how it could be that these white people of privilege were attacking this black man who was in this historic position while the mainstream
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media sat -- took him down and while the naacp and the urban league and other black liberal leaders sat and seemed to relish the takedown. >> host: who are your mentor -- you had this mentor at the time who was brutally murdered and you didn't know what to cry from him. and you had this mentor and it was along this time that you started the questioning the indoctrination. >> guest: the smartest person i ever met was this guy named mike. i was delivering pizza in high school. and he was just different. he was alternative. and he was the smartest guy i ever knew. in hindsight he wasn't the most ethical guy. he took the s.a.a.'s for a bunch of my friends and got them 1600s and he was the smartest guy you could ever meet and he dropped out of uc santa barbara and while i was going to college he was floundering and doing drugs. death he was doing my mentoring he was taking me to alternative
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bookstores to read about left wing ideas, you know, he very much was into the class struggle. and when i started to have these epiphanies, when i started to get my job, as i was aspiring to be an intellect, as i was trying to understand his world view, as i was trying to embrace the struggle, at a certain point my dad said something that nobody told him. you need to get a job. you need to clean up. you need to get your act together. you need to stop doing drugs. and so there was a certain point where i started to challenge my mentor. it wasn't that i felt like i was an intellect and that i was able to beat him in the game of, you know, s.a.t. scores. i still was about 400 points below him on that level, but i started to gain the self-confidence and the self-respect that i could call him out on his misbehavior. and i just move away from this guy and i got a phone call once as i was starting to move towards independence and away
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from this victimology that absolutely dominated this guy's consciousness -- i got a phone call that he was murdered at a hotel room in los angeles, and i imagined that it was during a drug deal that went bad. and to this day, i think about how i never cried about that. >> host: you know, but think about your parents. think about your story of humiliation and how you had to negotiate with a professor to give you a higher grade so you could graduate 'cause you realized if you did not graduate it would be humi mimiliation bun a friend of yours who was very bright, andrew breitbart, i got the perfect job for you. >> guest: yeah, he was from harvard. he was an astrophysics major who always cared for me. he always knew that in prep school that i was not going to be the a student, but that i was
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the class clown but that i meant well, you know, even though -- that was how i skirted around my add and was able to maintain my place in an elite prep academy where everybody was happy birthday, stanford, princeton bound, i knew i wasn't going to leave my friend. seth knew my burden. i visited him and he said i need to take you on a walk. and i said sit down here. and he said i need to take you on a walk and this was when i was utterly wayward, he said i've seen your future it's this thing called the internet. it works the way your brain works. and at that point, i had been diagnosed with adult add and i tried ritalin for a month and i hated it. i felt hideous about it. i was trying to figure out how i could conform to the workplace where people have to work in
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cubicles. and i knew that i couldn't do that. i'd rather drive around l.a. listening to talk radio or music -- >> host: oh, but you left that and started listening to rush limbaugh. >> guest: uh-huh and he said i've seen your future. there's something too eery about that. the internet does work the way my brain works. >> host: but you explain very difficult and arcane it was during the time and how you had to figure out and how slow it was and then you had another epiphany. and then during that epiphany, another little blessing dropped your way, you received a call from someone that founded the "huffington post," arianna. >> guest: here's what happened. i actually was driving down -- i was driving down the street on wilshire boulevard once and i'm not the most religious person.
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you've heard my earlier -- my religious experience with my bar mitzvah, and i looked up to the sky and i said, god, please give me something to motivate me. i don't want to work in hollywood. i don't like it. i need a mission in life. and the internet coincided with meeting matt drudge. i meet matt drudge almost right away and i met him and he was folding t-shirts at cbs at the time. i met him for about four hours, heard his world view, heard what he felt about the media, heard what i felt about in 1995 this nascent internet, and he left the place, drove off in an old beat up hyundai. he was the manager at the cbs gift shop, and i said to my wife, that is a media visionary. he's going to change the world. >> host: and he was your hero. you know, i want to get -- i want to go back and forth between your early years and
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some of the things you write because it's very interesting when you read someone's works and when you're also in media and you are familiar with the same story, and you read the facts in the person's book, you absolutely know that person is telling the truth and he knows exactly what he was talking about, you know, i think one of the things -- i like to spend some quality time talking about -- what you talked about so eloquently in your book is how marxism and others -- the germans who had to exit nazi germany. who had to flee, how they came to the united states. how they were able to maneuver through education. how they were able to win prize from "time" magazine, people like you describe, and maim it tolerable for people really wanting to talk about. it was an absolutely astounding piece of work by you. >> guest: uh-huh.
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i was an american studies major at tulane, and i looked at those books when i got -- that i didn't completely read when i was at college. that's why i had to convince teachers to up my grades. i remember sitting in the classes thinking, what is she talking about? what is this professor talking about? it doesn't make sense to me? it didn't ring true in my bones. so when i got a survey in the mail asking me to grade my american studies degree, i started to read those books and i started to look up the names of those people, and i started to find out that they were part of this group called the frankfurt school. it sounds weird to talk about the frankfurt school. most people have never heard of the frankfurt school. but the frankfurt school, i believe, are the origins in the mess we find ourselves in our culture right now. they are the ultimately the architects of political correctness. they are the architects of
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multiculturalism. they are the architects of the destruction of american culture as we know it. the ones that one for many is wrong. and they separated people by race. and the argument of the haves and the have nots of the peasants -- >> host: but you explained it even deeper which i just threw my attention in the fact that you already have a segment of people in this country, american blacks, who felt disinfranchised and felt no loyalty to the country because they felt like chatles. their angst against this country to become sort of an ally and even women from the women's suffrage to help the movement? >> guest: well, that's what they did. i was about to tell you that they -- that they translated
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economic marxistism to cultural marxism to pit -- to take advantage of black people who had been disposed who had been treated miserably and to pit against the white establishment and they did that also with the female establishment. they started to pit male versus female. they started to pit black versus white, this multiculturalist model turned academia into the post-structuralism that you see. when you are kid goes to school they have an opportunity to graduate with the queer studies degree. it's an entire world view for gays to believe that their entire path in life is to fight the establishment because the establishment is out to keep you down. they do it with blacks. they do it with hispanics. and i'm telling you, it runs so contrary to what's in the core of what i am as a human being
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and that's why i think that the clarence thomas hearings were so instrumental to me because my entire sense of righteousness, my righteous indigentence in youth is the inequities that are found in society. and when i discovered the cultural left was not interested in creating equality in this country, that it wanted to use, that it wanted to pit blacks against whites in order to climb, to get political power in this country, it was demoralizing to say the least. but once i figured it out, i decided, to hell with it. that drive on wilshire boulevard that i had where i said a mission in life, this is my goal in life. i want to destroy the institutional left. i want to make it so that black people in this country, hispanics in this country, gays in this country have the freedom to believe in whatever political
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philosophy they want to believe in, and the democratic party is not -- is not the only place for them in this country. i believe in freedom. i believe in individuality. they're the core of my beliefs and my fights out there are an attack on the naacp, my attacks on the mainstream media because i want to break down this artificial construct that pits america against each other. >> host: andrew breitbart has written a fascinating, and i cannot emphasize it enough, piece of work, "righteous indignation indignation indignation." another aspect of this book that's riveting and this aspect you will find to be shocking, painful and truly disheartening. i remember this situation in washington, d.c. that you write so vividly about where members
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of the black caucus, john lewis and others said they were called inward and we won't use that word on this network. >> guest: 15 times. >> host: the mainstream media ran with it and i will tell you, we have people there and they said -- they said, armstrong, it did not happen. they said that did not happen. i said no one would just make up that type of lie, and they said it did not happen. you have said in this book that there are those who are on dead on their agenda, and maintain the perceived power that they will have that they will absolutely lie and the media will brand this lie as the truth. and when they realize it's not, they will never issue an apology to make amends for it. >> guest: this is what is at risk. i've been to 30 tea parties, 90%
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of them i've been invited by women like sarah palin and michele bachmann-type women who pick me up in suvs and take me to town and take me to the tea party. at those tea parties the best speakers tend to be black conservatives. >> guest: but they're not the best speakers because they're black. >> guest: no, there's a reason these two dynamics are happening. >> host: you have to explain. >> guest: because men because of political correctness have become eunuchs have become shadows. the men on the republican ticket on white are poll testing everything that comes out -- >> host: the wind. >> guest: the wind. i advocate a herman cain. >> host: out of florida. >> guest: a ticket for presidency. because it would go straight after what i call the democrat -- >> host: before we get to your -- before we get to that, we've got talk about -- >> guest: i know. >> host: the lies.
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the lies. >> guest: what is at stake here is that blacks and women are -- are creating the tea party, making it a place that unlike the republican party, which is a toxic environment for blacks, and that's been the media's job for years -- this is a place for blacks and women and hispanics to recreate this country in this original constitutional vision and that is the threat, that is why they had to fight. that's why they had to lie. that's why nancy pelosi -- >> host: but these are vicious lies. >> guest: what happened -- >> host: vicious lies. >> guest: what happened is this and all i have to do is point to the architecture of capitol hill. there are tunnels between the canon house-building and the capitol, and that is how nancy pelosi travels. that's how she get to her capitol to vote. but on this day, when 40,000 taxpayers, tea party members, got out there to say, kill the
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bill. kill the bill. >> host: what bill? >> guest: obamacare. the day before obamacare there was a tea party rally there. and nancy pelosi orchestrated, i guarantee you -- this is my positing this. but it's pretty much undeniable when you see what happened. we started to get word out that barney frank was called a negative word to describe a homosexual on twitter. people wrote about it, wow, i can't believe barney frank was called out by these tea party people. they wanted to have bad behavior from the tea party. they've never gotten it but this time they got it and one time somebody called barney frank the "f" word and then we heard that black congressmen were called the "n" word. and next thing you know, the media picks up on it and after two years of trying to find a racist incident -- >> host: they created one. >> guest: they created one. >> host: and i don't want to interrupt here, andrew breitbart, to show his character and sincerity about this offered
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members of the congressional black caucus $100,000 -- $100,000 if they could prove in any instance where they would called the "n" word. >> guest: not 15 times, once. but here's the thing. here's what they were trying to do. jesse jackson, jr., was trying to walk through to get a youtube member. they could have walked through that crowd hoping to inspire a tea party -- >> host: incite. >> guest: to incite something. how could i prove this, nancy pelosi, an hour after the event where the "n" word was calendar, that's where carbon monoxide carlson thought he was going to get hit by rocks. nancy pelosi walked through the same unsecured ground with a massive gavel that was about 10 times the size of a gavel with a
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grin on her face that was ear to ear. she wanted people to yell at her. she could have walked underneath -- they were all looking for -- to incite the crowd. sheila jackson-lee was giving an obnoxious v sign from the capitol. they were trying to get a moment and they didn't. here's what congressman carson said and it was on video. i was walking down the canon house steps. i was walking out of cankan joca mob of 400 people came through. 15 times 15 people kill the bill "n" word he said. kill the bill "n" word. he said it was a page out of a time machine. and then the police saw that we were in peril and i'm paraphrasing him but it's pretty much verbatim and took us out of safety. there's no police report that this happened. there's no police person.
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there is no audio of any of the 400 people coming forward to say that they heard it. nobody -- one person could have been there who could have been a liberal saying, i saw it. nobody saw it. congressman carson created such an image that it's not what barney frank said, one person said something. he created a vivid image that he described as a page out of a time machine. that is -- those are his words. and when i heard his description and i juxtaposed it with what people were saying around there, like your friend said, it didn't happen. it didn't happen. i was so upset that i offered $100,000 and guess what happened the next day. they shut up. they didn't think that there was an idiot like me who would take on race. that a white guy. white guys are supposed to sit back and take the racism thing. no, i'm going to take this thing head on for clarence thomas. i'm going to take this thing head on. this is the battle of my life.
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>> host: but what happened to you during the bill mahr interview when you sold yourself out because you wanted to be part of the club. >> guest: it was many years ago. . >> host: it happened. >> guest: i did. and a friend of mine saw that i went for the cheap laughs and he said why didn't you stand up for what you believed in? >> host: why didn't you? >> guest: 'cause it was my first time -- it was my first time in the media and i wanted to be liked. >> host: you wanted to be accepted? >> guest: i wanted to be in the club. and then a friend told me -- >> host: he called you that night. >> guest: everybody praised me and said you were great. the bill mahr people said we want to have you on again. and my friend said you were great on the show last night. why didn't you stick up for what you believe in? >> host: it haunted you. >> guest: yeah. >> host: but this is 2009 and he invited you back -- >> guest: 2004 and they invited me maybe like 2007, 2008.
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>> host: but that's okay. >> guest: 2008, it was the first month of obama. it was the first month of obama. >> host: and you went back on. >> guest: with michael eric dyson who is the embodiment -- i'll tell you it's almost out of a movie. it's cinematics. they usually have one panel and they had three panels. >> host: and his job was. >> guest: professional eric dyson is the carl marxist in universities. >> host: he would not like that. >> guest: i actually started to cite the names -- when he started to talk in this foreign tongue that sounded like, the deconstruction of the bifurcation of the intellectual deconstruction, i remembered oh, my god that's what i heard in college that i didn't understand. >> host: an epiphany. >> guest: he was caught up in a noam chomsky vernacular that i actually was afraid that bill mahr would ask me what did he just said and i had no idea. but his job is there to make me
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appear like i'm a racist. his job there was to call rush limbaugh a racist. and i'm sitting there thinking to myself, stand up for what you believe in and i started to fight back, and the crowd started booing me. in fact, it got to the point where the second i would get a syllable out, they started booing at the beginning of the sentence to the point where bill mahr had to stop him and he said, let him finish. let him finish. michael eric dyson was doing everything to do to enable -- you don't understand the power structures, you know man. you don't understand the definition of what racism is. racism is the cultural imposition of the diletic and i didn't understand him. racism, racism, racism. racism is what you use.
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in america, this is un-american where you're guilty and you don't even have the ability to prove it. >> host: but are you trying to convey to our listeners who i like am and raptured with this discussion that it's black men that play this race game, play this card, put people in a frenzy and just tell me lies? do they have a monopoly on this? >> guest: no, bill mahr sits back and enjoys it and plays off on it because it gets -- you know, white guilt as shelby steele will talk about is played by the liberal black community. and the people who will tell you the most are the plaque conservatives who go, yeah, and guess what we are? we are the uncle toms. everybody is in their place. >> host: here's not what people understand in this discussion today. people lie. they tell great lies. and many people are hurt
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sometimes. and many people die. why would in media, like nbc, tbs, the "new york times," "the washington post," the "l.a. times" -- why would they be complicit and enablers in this very dangerous process for our country? >> guest: it is. it's pitting people against each other in the summer. that's when it was last year, the congressional black caucus accusations, don't do this. don't do this. don't pit us against each other. we can't afford it. we need to be united as a country. why does the media go along with this? >> host: why won't they take them to task and say this is wrong and condemn it? >> guest: they won't. because i call it in the book -- and i'm not trying to be cutesy here but this is what i got from the clarence thomas hearing, why did the naacp sit on its hands? why did -- not katie couric but tom brokaw and peter jennings
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play ball with the takedown of clarence thomas. bill clinton was named the standard bearer of the democratic party and whose behavior in the workplace was deplorable -- >> host: but in your book they came to his rescue. >> guest: they came they come his rescue and they said they did it for abortion politics. they admit they did it for abortion politics. and that's why they went after thomas. i call it -- >> host: no, you said much more in your book. you said they found an opening, in fact, in changing the conversation in manipulating the american people what sex is and it's really not about sex. it's about the power structure.
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>> guest: it's about the power structure of the workplace that you don't understand what's it's like for a woman to exist in the workplace. it's the same thing michael eric dyson was talking about and the same stuff noam chomsky was talking about. it's the same this that was taught in the 1940s, 1950s, a bunch of european gentlemen who were cultural marxist who came here who fled nazi germany and mussolini's italy who came to southern california at the height of the golden age and these men were depressed because what they saw was frivolity and consumerism and their desire to create a serious utopia, an economic utopia were hindered and hampered by what they saw was shallow consumerism. and they devised of a political cultural marxist pathway that wasn't aiming straight at the politics but was aiming at the culture and they told their
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minions go to the college campus, go to hollywood. they took over hollywood and they took over the mainstream media. and they devised a false pretense called objective journalism. they're not objective journalists because if you talked with journalists over a cocktail in washington or in new york city, you get down to the nitty-gritty of why these people got into journalism in the first place. and there are two answers they'll give you. social justice economic equality. their motivations were the civil rights movement. and so liberal white journalists are absolutely invested in the 1960s urban league, jesse jackson, naacp narrative and conservative black people need to shut up. >> host: are you telling me -- telling us that this only exists for liberals and for the liberal establishment, hmmm? are you? >> guest: are you talking about political correctness or
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control? >> host: however you want to answer it? >> guest: well, here's what i -- here's what i enjoy about conservative media. >> host: are you saying it doesn't exist with conservatives? do they have a exclusivity on this? >> guest: i really do believe that that's the case. i believe that rush limbaugh, who they hate, is an affable guy -- he's not trying to keep anybody down. and i believe that rush limbaugh does something that the "new york post" -- the "new york times" writers and the "washington post" writers -- he said, i'm biased. i'm coming to you with my point of view, and i'm not biased -- i'm biased. i'm a conservative. and that's what -- that's the difference between conservatives and liberals in the media. liberals use their objectivity as their weaponry in order to cause people like me, andrew breitbart of brentwood, default liberal -- i just thought i was getting the truth. i thought i was getting -- >> host: you take me back to
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something else that you said in your book which i thought was an excellent point, and it was about transparency. you said the one thing that liberals do very well, like obama -- he said when obama says, this is who i am, i smoked a little, i did a little of this, i hung out with some bad characters, hey, that's my life story, you said it took the wind out of the sails of those through this gotcha politics. you talked about what republicans should do is just disclose the honest and don't hide what they are, no matter what it is. >> guest: and go into bill mahr's show or go on to msnbc and let it hang out a little. all this poll testing and why they're eunuchs and why the left is able, you know, control the narrative in a country that according to gallop there's a 2 to 1 ratio of conservative to liberal, but we turn on the television set, you read "the washington post" -- it's all the liberal narrative and all of the conservatives are afraid of their shadows.
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they're afraid that their past is going to come out. they're afraid that somebody is not going to like them or not invite them on a certain -- >> host: you use mark foley as an example. >> guest: mark foley, i mean, he was isolated the same reason why somebody who's black is isolated. because he was gay and a conservative. and i say this. i've supported and i've gotten into trouble with this within some parts of the conservative movement. i supported go proud, which is a gay conservative organization. if being a conservative means saying that there can't be something called a gay -- gay conservative then i'm not a conservative. and mark foley was targeted the way that a liberal closeted gay man wouldn't be because the organized left has decided that it's job to police it's own, to target gay conservatives, to humiliate them as much as
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humanly possible as a form of political extortion. if you don't believe the way we believe, we're going to ruin your life. >> host: you know, there's so much to this man, andrew breitbart "righteous indignation: excuse me, while i save the world." i don't know if people know that now that you've been the genius of the internet along with those that you admire so much, you were able to force the media to address acorn's corruption? you brought to light van jones and other stories and you did not do it because you had an angst. you had a -- you wanted to grind an ax against these people. you felt that there was wrongdoing, serious wrongdoing, and it should be reported? >> guest: well, absolutely. well, james o'keeffe and hannah giles came to me with a prepackaged -- >> host: who are they? >> guest: they did the acorn undercover work.
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james was the -- is the guy who does these type of things and hannah was the person who came up with this particular idea and who played the prostitute. i didn't target acorn. everybody says i targeted acorn. but when they came to me with a bow -- >> host: a video. >> guest: a video with a bow on top. they asked is this newsworthy, and the answer -- >> host: and you also thought they could be setting you up? you were cautious? >> guest: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. i was a little worried. when a person tells you that they do undercover video, you worry that they're doing undercover video, so i might say at first i was worried but what we had here was multiple, multiple outlets of acorn going
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along with a brothel. and, of course, this is news if the same premise was to be done at heritage -- at the heritage foundation, a conservative foundation here in washington, do you think that katie couric would say this isn't news? >> host: how corrupt was acorn? >> guest: i believe that they were incredibly corrupt and that the information was hiding in plain sight. that the books had been written on acorn. the articles had been written, but it didn't -- a picture tells 1,000 words, and that's why hollywood is so important. there would be a movie about acorn, by the way, if there were a conservative institution. the videos were able to illuminate and create a depth of what had already previously been written and fallen upon deaf ears. so the video was a message. it was a shot across the bow to people out there in media land that for $1400 -- that's how much it cost them for all of those offices -- for $1400 you
9:41 pm
can do an investigative load and lylea from planned parenthood how can we get with the effective media infrastructure who doesn't want to deal with corruption in planned parenthood. these new media for journalism do this for nothing. do you know what message that sends? it sends out to millions of other people if abc, cbs and nbc are going to ignore corruption -- if they're going to ignore stories that hurt the liberal side, where they're not acting as a checks and plans against half of our culture, then the average american can do it him or herself. so the more that katie couric rejects this movement, the more that the movement is going to become a people's movement. the technology exists. the motivation exists. >> host: but would fox news have
9:42 pm
been so eager to air this video as they did the following morning when they called to say, we've got a problem. we did not aired it on fox and friends. we aired it earlier would they have been so eager to air this if it was video about some conservative organization that they favored? >> guest: well, i don't think the process would have gone through fox news. why would fox news have -- get it in a bow? they would have gone to abc news in all likelihood they would have gone to hbo and gotten $10 million for the rights to this and turned it into a series. they would be on the coverage of rolling stone and all that type of stuff. they do things differentlily. the left does things differentlily and better. >> host: i want to say this, you may be watching this show and you may not like what andrew breitbart is saying, but he's very honest, very revealing himself and leaves no stone unturned and you probably think he's some rich conservative person with all this money that he could make things happen. i want you to know and the book
9:43 pm
tells the story, you must go out and get this book. i'm really -- i'm urging to get this book for very good reasons. >> guest: thank you. >> host: but you went to a donor who happened to be very wealthy. no, i can't i can't do it. i want to stay very private and i can't do this right now. and you went to your father, you said, dad, i need to borrow $25,000. you had to borrow that money from your father just to give legs to the acorn story? >> guest: yeah. >> host: and you eventually paid your father back. >> guest: yeah, and by the way, people describe me as a media mogul. >> host: yes. >> guest: at the tea parties, ladies and gentlemen, media mogul, andrew breitbart, i say to myself i flew in steerage in the middle seat to get to this party. i have two car payments, one for a minivan and a mortgage. why is that? why is it that ari anna huffington gets $315 million for the "huffington post" for creating a liberal version -- a
9:44 pm
liberal blog site that is a reflection of what already exists in the media yet nobody is knocking down my doors when i created the "huffington post." there's no money to be on the right. i am not doing this for money. i'm doing this because i want to change culture. i really do want to save the world. >> host: you just cannot say you created the "huffington post" and leave it out there and explain it. >> guest: i thought i would leave it between a little secret between airizonir -- ari anna p to me and ask for a an idea for a wet. i met her as her lowly researcher. i will credit her from taking me from a slacker to a workaholic, okay? i give her credit for that. but one day i walked in the office she's now a liberal. i'm not sure how that happened and one day i walked into the office and i pulled the rip cord
9:45 pm
and i was no longer in her life except seeing her at cocktail parties five years. and she came up to me and said do you have a website and i've been working with her about six months into it, i realized, i got to get out of here. i don't think i can hang out with all these lefties. they don't like me. the idea behind it for me is more voices, not less. i don't care if rachel madoe and keith olbermann is out there blabbering against conservatives. they are the ones they want me kicked off of abc news and they got me kicked off abc news on election night. i said arianna i said it will be great for you you'll be queen for the left wing blogosphere and my site will be have the best content and talk radio will be all over your hollywood
9:46 pm
friends talking about how bush is equal to hitler. it was a win-win proposition. i stand by it. there was some of my signature into it. this was a win-win situation and i still agree about it. arianna made tens of millions of dollars. and i made the seed money that allowed for me to start my which was the flagship of my media operation and i take whatever money that i make from one site to create another site. i'm just a small businessman. i'm just a simple tea party guy who has a mortgage and two car payments. >> host: what is at stake in this war that you decided you have to join? >> guest: i think everything. >> host: what is everything? >> guest: well, i think that america is everything. i think america is a symbol to the rest of the world of freedom and liberty. we mapped it out better than anyone else. our constitution is the modern
9:47 pm
magazi -- magna carta. it's a living constitution. if it's not living using noing and this is 2011 and this is going on here and this is going on here and everything we want. if it's everything it's nothing and the tea party movement is a movement. it goes beyond fiscal responsibility. it goes back to the basics. it goes away from professor michael eric dyson where everything is malleable. everything is gray. and it goes back towards the black and white world. and it goes back to where there is a right and a wrong. it is going back to a place where judeo-christianity is a basic template for what this culture stands for. that's blasphemy and the left
9:48 pm
culture says are you indifference against christianity. i'm agnostic. and the proof is in the pudding, america, the pillar of capitalism, the pillar of judeo-christianity, there were checks and balances they work off each other. america rose so quickly to become what it was in a short period of time and then the cultural marxists came in here and took our institutions down. they got rid of washington birthday. they got rid of lincoln's birthday. they got kids at their college campus saying, mom, i love you. thank you for buying me a stereo on the first day -- >> host: and you want to take god we trust off our currency. >> guest: by thanksgiving in the first semester, why are we having thanksgiving, mom and dad. you are an oppressor of the native american. that is what the left is in this country. in the book you will learn about critical theory. in the book you will learn about saul lynn ski transferring street theory and critical theory is tearing down our culture. just criticizing -- sarah palin
9:49 pm
is bad. george bush is bad. george bush is bad. the war is bad. barack obama won the presidency after four years of the left arguing that the war is wrong. the war is wrong. the war is wrong. it's critical theory. it doesn't matter that once they got in, that they didn't stop the wars. it was an effective strategy of community organizing and community strategy to stop the war and get barack obama out and the war exists and they are starting their utopia. >> host: i love in your book, and giving pointers on how to win. your success is in reaction to your enemy. you cannot go beyond your constituency. you got to go exactly where they are. you got to be humble. you got to be -- you got to be warm. all those fuzzy things that you talk about and you say the guy was a genius and it worked. he was effective. >> guest: andy was entertaining. >> host: yes. >> guest: that is a really good
9:50 pm
lead and that is why to this day i look at the people who have motivated me and who have helped to craft me into the person i am which is a hybrid of journalism and provocateur and sometimes a hunter thompson and abbie hoffman were granted wide berth of the left to become hybrids of journalism and truth telling and entertainer but when a person like andrew breitbart comes by or a person like james o-keefe comes about, no, you must exist within the box that we give you. you're only allowed worth to do this and you must put you're a conservative while you do it. well, i'm not going to allow the left to define me, to tell me what box to be in and i hope blacks who are conservative and hispanics who are conservative and women who are conservative are inspired to realize we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take on our oppressors. there are oppressors. in the united states of america, you have a right to be a
9:51 pm
conservative if you're plaque. you no longer have the democratic party who has the right to oppress you, to tell you that you do not have the right to think freely in the united states of america. >> host: you know, i would be remiss in the last 8 minutes of this wonderful time, and i appreciate you writing the book, what do you say to those kids at tulane, south carolina state, harvard, and who are not making the most of their college using and wake up and i regret it. what do you say about that. >> guest: i do. i go to the young america foundation, i go to college republicans. i beg people, take me to your college campus. i am a provocateur. your liberal classmates are going to like me. i'm going to put on a show for you. i want to tell them the story of what happened to me and how i had my awakening and i want to tell them this, i said this is
9:52 pm
the most exciting time in the world. i didn't have the internet when you were there. you have the ability to change -- >> host: no, that's what i'm not talking about. don't waste your college. don't waste your time in college on nonsense. don't allow yourself to be manipulated and brainwashed. >> guest: well, that's what i'm telling you, those video cameras are to be turned on the professor. you no longer have the ability now, teacher, to be in a math class telling your students that bush is hitler. that palin is a dominionist and trying to indoctrinate kids. they now have the ability. if you don't like what your teachers are doing. if you think your teacher is going off-curriculum. if you think your teacher is trying to turn you into a marxist, there's nothing wrong with the transparency of new media. i guarantee you even if it's, fifth grade teacher in social
9:53 pm
studies, in inland empire in riverside california you get a video of that teacher abusing the child's media and that's new media and i guarantee you that school district will be in a deep amount of trouble. we need to hold the academic world, we need to hold the teachers accountable for what they've been doing unchecked for too long. >> host: it is obvious to me that you're a decent guy. you're very sincere. you mean well. and you really wrote -- you wrote this book. you poured your heart and soul into this book. you have a chance to talk to millions of people. what is it that you would like for them to know about you, andrew breitbart? >> guest: well, you just said it. that i'm sincere about this. >> host: yes you are. >> guest: that i'm not a liar. that i do this at great sacrifice and risk. >> host: and you're not a tool of the right. >> guest: i'm not a tool of the right. in fact, i say it. i help go proud. i went in to cpac where people
9:54 pm
were saying i don't want to be part of cpac if go proud is going to be there. i'm like i'm going to throw a party for these guys. i'm a tea party guy. i told the republican establishment -- >> host: what's the biggest myth about the tea party. you keep saying you're a tea party guy. >> guest: obviously, the biggest myth is that it's racist. >> host: and it's not. >> guest: no. i believe -- i believe if black people who feel inside of the inner city or wherever they live -- if they were just simply to walk to a tea party and just sit amongst people, an actor. you know how to act. go out there and shake people's hands. if you're skeptical of them, go out there and ask questions of them. >> host: but the left -- >> guest: they don't want to. >> host: that would be their worst nightmare. >> guest: that's right. >> host: they want to tell them who they are. >> guest: yes. >> host: they don't want -- >> guest: what i want more than anything, this is my legacy. i dedicated that book to clarence thomas. i met jenny thomas.
9:55 pm
she came up to me -- i've told this story more times -- i told it to everybody, and i was at an event in washington and i didn't know who this lady was who tapped me on the shoulder. and she just told me who she was. and it freaked -- i couldn't -- i couldn't deal with the -- it was -- it's huge. you have no idea what that man, you know, meant to me, you know, the stoicism that he had when he went through that. and, you know, i've gone through the shirley sherrod thing and she said i wanted to bring black people back to slavery on national tv and not one journalist challenged her on that. when this is my life's most important thing is to do something that no stupid white person would ever think to do and that's stand up to jesse jackson and al sharpton and
9:56 pm
saying enough and to stand up to these people who prey upon people in need. people like van jones. i can't think of anything more cynical in the world than what van jones has done with his education. this guy graduated from yale and what did he do? he went to the inner city in oakland, california. did he teach these people in need to fish. no. he organized around the cynical proposition that jamal is on death row in pennsylvania because he killed a white cop or he didn't kill a white cop. fomenting the rage community organizing around the rage over a cop killer is as cynical as you can get and he has used this hucksterism to rise through the ranks. to become the next al sharpton. al sharpton who has a history of bloodshed in the name of his own
9:57 pm
opportunism. and white people in this country are scared to death of being called a racist because they know they're going to be called a racist. i only have one life to live. i have four children. i want to leave a better country for them. i have -- i looked up into the sky and i said i want something to do that isn't shallow, that hollywood sitcom crap and the clarence thomas thing has been my guiding light throughout this entire thing. and, you know, the media also didn't report that niger and roy ennis invited me to be the master of ceremonies to a dinner. they're paying attention to what i'm doing. the mainstream media wants to ignore it because they're afraid that i'm going to be the pied piper who finds black conservatives at every tea party -- >> host: in one minute tell us who media matters are.
9:58 pm
>> guest: media matters is a george soros-funded john podesta-led organization that isolates conservative media. it isolates fox news. it isolates andrew breitbart and all of his websites. it spends millions of dollars a year transcribing channel 360 on directv fox news, analyzes every single person that writes on my site, issues press releases to every single newsroom saying, ignore this man. ignore this man. ignore this man. ignore this man. >> host: you should be on it? that tells you -- it tells you you're a success. >> guest: it's the highlight -- anyone that knows me if you follow me on twitter at andrew breitbart one word you will see one man who chosen to obsess on, to draw attention to media matters and what they're doing and how evil it is, and i'm having the time of my life. >> host: just like when the when acorn decided to sue you.
9:59 pm
you said oh, my god. >> guest: bring it on. bring it on. i like the fight. i'm not sure if you can tell. >> host: you know, i must tell you, i really wish you well. i really want to encourage people to go out and buy andrew breitbart's book. it is righteous indignation, isn't it? >> guest: it is. >> host: what is righteous indignation. >> guest: it is telling the mainstream media that we aren't motivated by negative things. that your critical theory against us -- that the reason we're scared, that we're only lashing out because we're scared because we're racist and all those things. no, it's not just leftists in this country who want to save the world. right of center people and tea party people and people who are not part of the media elite also want to save the scomborld that's what this book is about. >> host: do you think we have a chance of saving


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